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 application for position in game complete!

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pk prodegy

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PostSubject: application for position in game complete!   Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:59 pm

Forum Name: PK_prodegy

How old are you? 13

What Position are you applying for: mod

What are some strengths you could bring to the Server: social skills, understanding of players. well behavior.

How would you be able to make this server more Popular: i am skilled with computer management, and i have extensive experiences with making videos.

Give us some of your Past RSPS History: i was suppose to get a mod on other server but since it was down i didn't happen. the reason for a promotion to becoming player mod was because of my understanding with other players in game and in chat. also because i have sticked with the game ever since i found it 24/7. i never abuse powers i get then i have read the notifications and rules Jack. u will always get the truth from me and my commitment and loyalte. sorry if this lacks. but my internet went out three times so i had to restart twice w.e gl on server m8. and i believe we live in different time zones so i can watch over the game while your off line.

1.i am loyal and comited to make this game more enjoyable

2. i will always be happy to help other with anything they need.

3.any free time i have will be spent on the game (12 hours a day lol)

4. fair and understanding all the time

5. respect everyone at every time

6. if some1 does anything bad i do no sympathy

7. all people will be treated the same (unless jack....)

8. i will go by the rules.

9. i will enforce all rules

10. i will make the game a better place! Smile

If we ever had a rule breaker how would you handle it: well i would do everything fairly and hope for the best. but if i player would brake the rules by like dupeing he would be band.

If you had to make a donation to help us out would you:i have to be honest, no. the reason for this is because i am 13 so i have to credit cards ECT. all my cash in the bank and my mother controls my "cash flow" and because of this i promise i will get donaters from different places to play on this game.

-If so are you willing to commit to it:

Have you read the Rules of The Forum Board: of course, first thing i did

Do You Promise to Abide by the Rules, Respect all your Fellow Staff Members, Help out in the Community, and Be Active? yes. ofc


I PK_prodegy promise to be active in my community. Make sure that i can have fun within and without the Server. To make sure that all are treated
Equal. To Respect fellow Staff Members.

soryy i missed the bottom the first time lol Razz
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application for position in game complete!
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