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 mod application

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PostSubject: mod application   mod application EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 12:43 pm


Why do you want to be moderator?
I enjoy helping people, and making sure that they are safe.
Recently I have seen multiple scams, virusess, and major malware (eg. Trojans and key loggers) in the fourms, and I want to be able to fight them. I can only do soo much as a normal poster (eg. post scan results, tell people about it, etc.), but if we skip the middle man we can handle this much fater and in a safer way for all the posters on these fourms.
I have alot of time on my hands to go through these fourms, sience i am going for my skill capes in RuneScape, i have time to spend while i am doind so.

How much experience do you have with the issue from the forum you apply for a moderator job?
Like I said above i spend alot of time on RuneScape, and I am trying for my capes. I also have posted a guide for a very sucessful bot that is almost undetectable. I go on this/these fourms alot to check my guides, and to help people out.
I have been on RuneScape for around 3 years now, and know alot about RS. I wish to help new players all the way to advanced players, with their questions, and hope to guide them in the right diredtion.

Do you have enough time to visit the board averaged two days and to take an interest in the forum?
I am on these fourms 6+ hours a day, sience i have guides and people that are asking questions, i need to be on alot. The time i spend on these fourms is only in RuneScape and the Silkroad sections, so i spend alot of time on them.
I also try and get involved in all the posts i can, but some times either the post is already answered or else its is in a language i cannot understand.
I will admit that I can only speak English fluently, and i can speak spanish, but not fluently.

Did you take part there before you sent your application?
Yes, I made a Guide on the installing and running of the Rsbot, and have had people already thank me for my help. I am trying to put together another guide, but that will come out at a later date. I also go through and see if there are any scams, or virusses in peoples posts.
I also try to point out to people the good posts, and files. This way people can see ahead of time, that they either do or do not want to download a file.

Do you have a lot of patience with questions which you think themselves that they are very stupid?
Yes, I was probally the same way when i first started out with some of these games, and would not want people treating me like that. I firmly believe in the rule "Treat others as you would like to be treated".
I have patience, I deal with jerks where i work and i just deal with them and try and help the best I can. It would make me look like the jerk if i "exploded" at him/her, especially if they dont know what they are talking about. It would also make them feel real bad.
So I am verry patient with people and would not be the one to yell at somone just because their question is "stupid".

Can you act good in general with other human beings?
Yes, I have a really good personality, and like i said before, i work and deal with people all day. I interact with them 1on1, Some of them are jerks and some of them are friendly people, but i treat them all the same.
Just like in a work place my boss would fire me if i just started yelling at someone, so I wont be yelling at people, because the Admin might bann me.

Did you ever operate as an moderator before?
Yes, yes i have. I have 2 fourms, of which I own. I also am a global mod on 2 other fourms and a mod on another one. I have plenty of time spent on each (all of them a year+) and i just love doing it.
The fourms i own are decent and active, and the ones I am a mod on are very active. So i also deal with people on thoes fourms. I have never been de-moddded, nor have I been banned for either abbusing my powers or yelling at some one.
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mod application
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